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4 Ways to Use Hemp Oil / CBD

4 Ways to Use Hemp Oil / CBD

There are several ways to consume Hemp Oil with naturally occurring CBD and other cannabinoids. Some are more mainstream than others, and some are safer than others.

#1 - CBD Intravenously (IV)

IV administration is the most bioavailable method; meaning injecting a safe form of cannabinoids, terpenes, etc. directly into the bloodstream through the veins. While this method, by definition, delivers 100% availability into the body, it probably isn’t the most popular, practical or cost-effective option.

Do not attempt IV administration without the proper training, materials, experience and oversight. Seek qualified medical professionals only for this method – ask questions and conduct due diligence prior to IV administration.

#2 - CBD Inhalation: Smoking or Vaping

Smoking or Vaping utilizes the lungs to absorb cannabinoids, terpenes, etc. By directly entering the lungs, the cannabinoids, terpenes, etc. can quickly and directly enter the bloodstream, with decreased breakdown rates and higher bioavailability.

Although vaping delivers high bioavailability, at Vitalibis we caution using this method as many vaping devices can leak heavy metals, thus being harmful to your health. Just Google: "vape devices heavy metals" and read the articles. Due to this, we do not offer a vape option until a safe vape device can be tested and certified.

Additionally, vape liquid is typically made with propolyene glycol and/or vegetable glycerin.  We don't use propolyne glycol in our skin care products (irritant, allergen and may be linked to organ system toxicity), so we would never recommend inhaling this chemical into the lungs.

#3 - CBD Rectally via a Suppository

The rectal route of administration is generally not discussed often; however, in the spirit of education, it is an option to present. This method is favored in situations where the oral route is not possible, such as in scenarios where patients have trouble swallowing or suffer from nausea and vomiting (potentially a side effect of their health circumstances).

A suppository is typically composed of a mixture which melts at body temperature, after which releases the ingredients. These ingredients are then absorbed through the wall of the rectum into the bloodstream.

#4 - CBD Orally: Sublingual or via Digestion

Sublingual administration allows the oil to get absorbed into the bloodstream via the sublingual gland (vein) which is located under the tongue. Because sublingual consumption is more direct, it impacts the body quicker than oral consumption and maintains higher availability, only being potentially degraded from enzymes in the mouth’s saliva.

Oral consumption is offered through a variety of forms, including, water soluble liquids, soft gels, edibles and beverages. While oral consumption methods do offer certain benefits, any substance consumed will have to pass through the metabolic and digestive systems, which will filter out a large portion of the cannabinoids (CBD+), terpenes, etc., thus, drastically reducing its bioavailability. First pass metabolism is the main reason for the low oral bioavailability. First pass metabolism is caused by the actions of enzymes of the gastrointestinal lumen, gut wall enzymes, bacterial enzymes and hepatic enzymes-before CBD+ reaches the circulatory system. (2009 study)

FYI – although very popular, gummies are known to deliver the lowest absorption of all forms of consumption.

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