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Finding Success and Balance in the Flow State

Finding Success and Balance in the Flow State

Vitalibis is WAY MORE than just a website that sells CBD.  We are focused on improving personal and environmental wellness.  We do this with safe, premium wellness products, lots of essential education, being good stewards to our planet and supporting a network of passionate non-profits who are focused on doing good every day.

This BE WELL Blog post is focused on personal wellness.  It is not linked to products or services, it’s all about education and insight into your mind, while providing techniques around wellness, balance and flow.


I’ve known and have been working with Amy and Amanda personally for about 9+ months.  We meet via Zoom calls weekly with a group of other executives to learn consciousness techniques around our mind, body and spirit.  We learn meditation techniques, breathing techniques, sound therapy, etc. along with being present in the moment with an abundance of gratitude.

I wrote about them in a recent BE WELL Blog post about my experiences during the filming a reality docu-series called “The Social Movement.”  The techniques I learned from them, along with a lot of CBD oil, helped me tremendously during that intense time. 

A couple weeks ago we covered some very interested topics of brain waves and vibration.  Personally, my body responds very well do sound therapy.  A few times per day, I meditate, breathe and listen to sound therapy related to alpha and theta waves (you’ll learn more as a result of this blog post).  As a result of our session, I thought it would be great to introduce Amy and Amanda to the Vitalibis Community. So, we held a session last night (November 13, 2019) titled: “Finding Success and Balance in the Flow State”.

A recording of the Zoom call can be viewed on our YouTube Channel.  It’s about 80 minutes in length and it’s full of amazing information, ideas, insights and techniques.

The PDF referenced in the call can be requested by emailing CustomerCare@vitalibis.com. 


Amanda Sanders and Amy Levin created www.authentic.ceo to facilitate a paradigm shift in the corporate world using consciousness tools to amplify success and create radical happiness. They combined their backgrounds in business and the medical field to develop the EQUIP power tools to assist leaders and CEOs in going beyond their old stories, limiting beliefs and unconscious, outdated ways of doing business. To stay competitive in modern business, it will be imperative for leaders to access a new toolset, giving them enhanced skills to gain information, solutions, clarity, and ideas.


Join Amanda and Amy to learn how to create your life and your business from the Flow State. The Flow State is your range of peak performance, intense creativity, and fluid creation. It is the brain state of “being in the zone” where your work feels effortless. 

Being in flow is a dance between being and doing, giving and receiving, and co-creating with the Conscious Universe. Blocks, limiting beliefs, and stress hinder flow, which, over time leads to dissatisfaction, disease, and a life out of balance. 

The Flow State allows the quantum field to work for you with ease; challenges are uncovered as opportunities for new creations, and wellbeing and happiness are supported every day. There is a paradigm shift from life's happening to you, to life is happening for you and thru you. You learn to embrace an empowered state of curiosity and excitement as you create your life and business thru your unique gifts and talents

- What is the Flow State from a physiological perspective?

- Accessing new skills from the Flow State.

- How do we get into a Flow State?

- Time to lighten up; otherwise, you are heading upstream without a paddle.

- Build your business with flow.

- The Flow State as the foundation for wellbeing.