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3 Steps to Understanding How Much Your CBD Costs

3 Steps to Understanding How Much Your CBD Costs

If you feel shopping for a CBD oil is confusing – you’re not alone. Even though you may be seeing and hearing about CBD all over the place, it is still a relatively young industry with a lot of brands providing misinformation or unfounded marketing claims.

The key is, be cautious and do your research.


-       Is the brand purchasing direct from the farm or going through a mass-produced white label filler?  Mass produced products will be cheaper and may be inferior in quality / safety. 

-       Is the brand using a craft or mass-produced extractor?  Craft extraction can yield less oil due to their processing.  This usually results in a higher quality oil, but the price is also more expensive.

-       Does the brand triple test or just take the word of the white label supplier who tests large barrels / batches of oil and uses the results for all their clients.?  Triple testing is done by brand who manage their own supply chains – testing after harvest, testing after extraction and testing after filling the oil into the bottles.  The more testing, the more cost is incurred to bring the product to market.  Also, managing your own supply chain requires transportation costs – from the farm to the extractor to the filler to the warehouse.

-       Does the brand carry product liability insurance?  This is something people tend to miss or not think about.  The majority of the CBD brands selling product today do not carry insurance.  Either they can’t afford it or they don’t qualify for a policy.


You need to figure out what kind of CBD oil makes the most sense for you.  There are many types of oils with differing quality / safety levels. To help better understand the different CBD options, here are two BE WELL Blog posts to review:

CBD 101 – Education Over Hype

CBD is a Category of Products – Not a Product

After reading these posts, you can now better understand that CBD oil can vary dramatically.  We like to use the analogy of wine.  You can purchase cheap wine or expensive wine.  Red or white wine.  You can focus on the strains of grapes used in the wine, where those grapes were grown and when.  You can focus on how the grapes were processed into the wine.  The same goes for CBD.

We believe in safe, premium full spectrum CBD+ oil for the best wellness benefits.

At Vitalibis, WE NEVER PURCHASE MASS PRODUCED OIL FROM A BROKER OR WHITE LABEL FILLER.  EVER!  98% of the brands on the market are selling similar oil because the mass processed oil is coming from a handful of extractors.  Brands are merely slapping their label on the same product as many, many others.  They market that they are special, but they are not. 

We manage our own supply chain so that we control our quality at every step.  We don’t take someone else’s word for it.  We source organically grown US hemp and purchase two specific strains for our cannabinoid and terpene profile.  We work with our craft extractor to take the hemp biomass and process it into a full spectrum source oil.  Our extraction is proprietary and NEVER uses harsh chemicals, solvents or CO2.  Our extraction is a major differentiator in our oil quality, efficacy and taste.  Mass produced CBD oil is usually extracted using CO2, butane or ethanol.  To us, those are not good enough.


-       Are you looking for CBD isolate, broad spectrum or full spectrum oil?

-       What potency or dose are you interested in (300mg of CBD, 600mg CBD, 900mg CBD)?

-       What carrier oil is desired?

-       What is the appropriate price to pay for a bottle? 


STEP 1 – How Much Does the Bottle Cost?

STEP 2 – How Many mg’s of CBD are in the Bottle?

STEP 3 – Divide the Cost by the Number of mg’s

Here’s an example:

Our Signature 600 full spectrum oil costs $74 Retail.

Our Signature 600 oil includes 600mg of CBD in each bottle.

So, divide $74 by 600 = $.12 per mg of CBD

Prices can vary from as low as $.06 per mg to as high at $.30 per mg.  However, on average, the majority of brands are in the range of $.09-.26 per mg.  Typically, the lower the mg per bottle the higher the cost per mg.  You can see this demostrated in the image below.

How Much Does CBD Cost

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