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Attention Influencers – We Need Your Help BIGTIME = #InfluencersUnite

Attention Influencers – We Need Your Help BIGTIME = #InfluencersUnite


We are in the beginning a of major financial shift due to the COVID19 pandemic.  Service industry workers, small businesses, gig-entrepreneurs, etc. are seeing massive cuts to their monthly income sources.  But the focus of this article is to remain positive, not to center on the negative impacts.  You get enough of that from the news, social media, etc.

ATTENTION INFLUENCERS – We Need You Now More Than Ever! 

- Bloggers

- Vloggers

- Social Media influencers

- Digital marketers

- Affiliates

These groups collectively have massive networks of followers. 

These groups are stronger together than they are individually.  I believe that by connecting influencer networks, we can have a greater positive impact on our society than any government stimulus. 

The government stimulus will take months to process and flow through the economy.  The government stimulus will mainly be a one-time impact, versus a long-term movement.  A massive grassroots movement with a collective benefit will be far more beneficial, but we need influencers to engage together. 

Influencers are one post away from impacting millions.  #InfluencersUnite

Here’s my plea to influencers related to today’s current environment

We need you!  As a brand owner, we need you more than ever to help people who are struggling financially and with spiking anxiety.  What we need is your reach – and we need it now.  What we need is your authenticity to help others.  What we need is for you to engage a bit differently.

- Use your influence to help other people who need to also make $1,000 per month

- Use your influence to create a grassroots movement among other influencers to engage similarly

- Use your influence to align with brands to help for the greater good

Forgo your individual post fees and rally your connected communities around two major benefits:

1)    Products which help people with wellness, anxiety, sleep, etc.

2)    Programs which provide side-gig income to people who just lost their jobs

Look at the bigger picture of who you can help and with that you’ll earn way more money.  You’ll also feel better knowing that other people are not struggling as much because of your impact.

Influencers, you have the ability to make a bigger impact in today’s world than many of you realize.  Let’s do this together and help each other!  Let’s embrace the abundance mindset together.  #InfluenersUnite

Here’s my PROMISE to you

At Vitalibis, we’ll endeavor to break even during this challenging time.  What that means is, we will give back to this movement as much as we can to help as many as we can.  We are not looking to make a profit and will cut our expenses internally as much as possible to allow us to pay out more side-gig money to our brand Ambassadors.

This also means that we are not able to pay influencers individual up-front monthly fees.  There just isn’t enough money to do that and stay in business.  We are looking for your mutual help to positive impact as many people as we can.


- Vitalibis will give away a free bottle of our organic superfood Daily Wellness product in each order.  This is a $34 retail value for all customers and the formula was designed to help boost the digestion and immune systems.

- Vitalibis will increase our side-gig referral commissions over the next several months.  Instead of paying out 5% commissions on referral sales, we’ll pay out 10% on two levels of referred Ambassador sales.  This is not an MLM, so it does not contain the stigma or complexities.  This side-gig comp plan is designed to help everyone!

- Vitalibis will continue to financially support our 10 non-profits to further their critical missions of positively impacting people and the planet.

- Vitalibis has the technology platform in place along with the supply chain to handle this grassroots movement, so if other brands want to put products into this model, we’ll take care of all the logistics (see the Curated Products section of our website)


Please email use at CustomerCare@vitalibis.com if you will help.  Please share this with others so we can assemble an army of influencers and side-gig entrepreneurs.  The time is now.  We are better together, so let’s make a positive impact which is lasting and far reaching.

Be well.

Vitalibis Impact
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