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OneTreePlanted.org - Your Trees: California Project Complete

OneTreePlanted.org - Your Trees: California Project Complete

We could not be more proud to align with the One Tree Planted organization.  They are one of several non-profits that we at Vitalibis support each month with general fund donations.  Our Better People, Better Planet initiative focuses on giving back to non-profits in the AIR - LAND - WATER - PEOPLE categories.  Below is a recent update from a project that donations from your Vitalibis purchases have helped.

Hope you feel as grateful and honored as we do. #betterplanet


Thanks to your support, our partners in California were able to plant 161,060 trees to help restore Plumas National Forest after the severe wildfires of 2007. That's more than 800 acres of forest replanted!

Nearly 12 years ago, a severe wildfire burned through 37,000 acres of the Plumas National Forest in Northern California. Much of the fire burned at high intensity, converting long-standing conifer forest to mountain shrublands.

Ever since, the Moonlight Fire Restoration Project has been working to convert over 12,000 acres of that land back to the beautiful conifer forest it once was!

This year, our partners conducted reforestation activities on 817 acres of land within Plumas National Forest, planting native species like Ponderosa Pine, Douglas Fir, and Sugar Pine among other plants that will help the forest recover.

Planting native species after wildfires is a critical part of restoring an ecosystem, particularly after wildfires. Native trees and plants help maintain the forest's balance, stops the proliferation of invasive species, and returns the forest to its natural beauty.

As these trees grow up to be big and strong they will also help stabilize the soil and prevent erosion as the forest floor continues to recover.

Over time, stabilizing the soil will also benefit the water quality in the watershed. Farmers and communities from across the state of California rely on the National Forest's watershed for agricultural irrigation, drinking water, and hydro-electric power production.

So many great benefits just from planting trees, and none of this would be possible without you!

Thank you for supporting this awesome reforestation project.

We have so many more projects happening in National Forests, in California, and even one that helps the Orca, so make sure to check them out.

See you out there!

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