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Learn About the Planet Bee Foundation #savethebees

Learn About the Planet Bee Foundation #savethebees

What is the Planet Bee Foundation?

- A California Bay Area environmental education nonprofit dedicated to creating a green-minded generat ion by inspiring environmental stewardship through the teaching lens of the struggling honey bee and the power of individual action.

- We increase awareness of the current bee crisis and engage communities to take action.

- We work with schools, nonprofits, summer camps, environmental centers, community gardens and businesses to build long lasting care of the struggling honey bee and the environment through hands-on outdoor education workshops in order to create the next generation of environmental stewards.

Why bees?

- 1/3 of every bite you take is made possible by pollinators. Honey bees in particular pollinate a vast amount of our food crops.

- Bees are crucial to the survival of 90% of the flowering plants that rely on pollinators.

- Many contributing factors, including disease, certain farming practices, climate change are causing honey bee populations to plummet at an alarming rate - their numbers have declined by the billions since 2006.

- This is a global, topical issue involving both an agriculturally and ecologically vital creature - one that is easy to transport for lessons, easy for anyone to get involved with locally, and captivates all ages. It is the perfect system to use as an introduction to environmentalism for all people.

What does Planet Bee Do?
We achieve our goals through hands-on educational programs such as The Humble Honeybee Project, the Adopt-a-Hive Program and The Bee Green Initiative, and the ZomBee Watch Citizen Science Project, as well as speaking engagements and providing educational booths at public events.

To learn more about the Planet Bee Foundation, please visit their website and get involved.  Be well.


Shop to support Planet Bee Foundation -> 20% of all product sales originating from this link will be given to Planet Bee Foundation's general fund.

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