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ACTUAL BEING™ - Exceptional Products Authentic to Bruce Lee's Wellness Practices

ACTUAL BEING™ - Exceptional Products Authentic to Bruce Lee's Wellness Practices

“Ever the student of his own body, my father was always on the search for remedies to not only optimize his performance but his recovery as well.”


We have worked very hard to create two amazing products as an alliance between Vitalibis and the Bruce Lee Family.  These two products are available today and both branded within the ACTUAL BEING™ product portfolio.

1) AB FOCUS - an adaptogenic herb composition with a proprietary blend of Cordyceps & Astragalus delivered in a simple, sustainable way - a highly concentrated tincture that brings focus, energy and flow to your daily practice.

2) Signature AB900 - a premium, terpene rich full spectrum oil. The "900" in the product name aligns to approximately 900mg of naturally occurring cannabinoids (CBD+) per bottle.  In addition to the full spectrum oil, this product includes a proprietary herbal blend which is authentic to Bruce Lee's wellness practices along with organic MCT from coconut oil.


ACTUAL BEING™, the products and the very name itself, springs from my Bruce Lee’s personal practice of self-actualization. Bruce Lee worked on himself everyday – physically, mentally and energetically. He was the consummate researcher of his own experience, always looking for ways to better himself and to express something profoundly real out into the world. 

Bruce Lee was constantly working on his wellness. As someone deeply engaged in a physical practice, he was very keen on keeping his body, mind and energetic systems highly attuned and functioning at a high level. However, he did not believe in using harsh stimulants or short cuts to wellness that would have the adverse effects of a crash and burn or overtaxing his system in a way that would lead to imbalances in energy. He believed in holistic, long term wellness and maintenance to keep himself performance ready at all times, including 8 hours of sleep per night.

Bruce Lee researched and utilized many wellness products available during his day including a regimen of Chinese medicine preparations that were part of his culture. Centered in the Eastern wisdom and wellness that Bruce Lee practiced, we have designed unique and proprietary blends of herbs for you, created for Actual Being™ by Dr. Mao Shing Ni, a 38th generation Chinese medicine doctor and founder of Yo San University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the US. 

“Instead of dedicating your life to actualize a concept of what you should be like, actualize yourself.”



Dr. Mao belongs to the 38th generation of Chinese medicine doctors in the Ni family, with a legacy dating back 1300 years. His life’s work has been centered around preserving and sharing his family’s expertise in the healing arts with the modern world. The adaptogenic herbal formulations that he created for ACTUAL BEING™ are based on proprietary herbal formulas passed down in his family through many generations and which both modern research and experienced Chinese medicine practitioners have confirmed to be effective.

He is honored and excited to partner with the Bruce Lee family to bring the legacies of two families together – one in the healing arts and the other in martial arts with the shared philosophy of supreme health, self mastery and unity of mind and body. To enable people to achieve balanced harmony in their daily practice — whether it be work, athletic, creative, or in their relationships — ACTUAL BEING™ offers a natural and easy way to access the proven benefits of Chinese medicine so people can be healthy from within and live their best lives.


These herbs are raised on multi-generational family farms that practice sustainable growing and harvesting. The farms are far from industrialized cities — some sitting 9,000 ft. above sea level — providing our herbs with an ideal climate in which to naturally thrive. These herbs are wild grown and harvested at their ideal age, thus maximizing their adaptogenic properties.


Advanced extraction techniques are used to process the raw herbs into clean and potent liquids and powders with high efficacy and concentration. Extensive quality assurance tests are conducted on the soil, water, seed and nutrients to ensure that these products are free from heavy metals, contaminants and pesticides – consistently producing the highest quality and purity.

“My family has centuries of experience in combining over 400 plants to help with healing and health restoration.”


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