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  1. CBD 101 - Education Over Hype

    CBD 101 - Education Over Hype Over the past couple years, CBD has popped up everywhere.  From oils to a skincare ingredient to gummies to dog treats to infused hamburgers.  It’s an amazing compound, which continues to be researched, however not all CBD oils are the same.  To help navigate the basics, we created this blog post with a frequently asked questions format.  Be Read more...
  2. Hemp Extract vs Hemp Seed Oil

    Hemp Extract vs Hemp Seed Oil Is Hemp Extract the same as Hemp Seed Oil?  The answer is no!  Unfortunately, today's consumer needs more education, so here goes. HEMP SEED OIL Hemp Seed Oil comes only from the dehulled seed of the industrial hemp plant.  The dehulled hemp seeds are pressed to produce hemp seed oil.  There is no CBD or other cannabinoids in Hemp Seed Oil Read more...
  3. CBD Soothing Creams - What To Look For

    CBD Soothing Creams - What To Look For At Vitalibis, we exclude approximately 1,400 ingredients before we start our paper formulations.  This is because we care about the safety of our products. Unfortunately, many ingredients used in topical products today have studies showing linkages to organ toxicity, skin irritation, endocrine system disruption, etc.  A great resource to gain Read more...

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