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  1. CBD Pricing and Quality

    CBD Pricing and Quality The market is being flooded with brands during this "green rush."  That creates a few groups of companies: 1) those interested in making as much money as possible, 2) those jumping in without really knowing what they are doing and 3) those who have done their research and are working to create the best quality products available. Brands are Read more...
  2. Our Philosophy - Education, Build Trust, Build Community

    Our Philosophy - Education, Build Trust, Build Community You know the story of why Vitalibis was started.  Our CEO went on a mission to find the best, highest quality, most terpene rich full spectrum oil he could find for his daughter Julia.  There is more about this story on the CULTURE page of our website.  He spent 18 months putting together the Vitalibis supply chain before preparing to launch the Read more...

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