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  1. Vitalibis in the News

    Vitalibis in the News weedmaps: CBD for Insomnia "Dr. Steven Zodkoy is a medical advisor to Vitalibis, a premium CBD producer, and is in private practice at Monmouth Advanced Medicine in Freehold, New Jersey. Zodkoy regularly recommends CBD to his patients to help support sleep." “CBD is unique as a sleep aid because it works on three different levels,” Zodkoy Read more...
  2. Vitalibis' Core Values

    Vitalibis' Core Values When creating Vitalibis, my brother and I wanted to build something amazing.  Something authentically us.  Something that reflected how we were raised and a brand where all of our life experiences came together.  We put pen to paper and let the energy flow - coming up with "Be Well" as a core foundation for Vitalibis. Vitalibis is all about Read more...
  3. Vitalibis' Commitment to Environmental Protection and Resilient Ecosystems

    Vitalibis' Commitment to Environmental Protection and Resilient Ecosystems Ecosystems are the building blocks of our environment. They are made of all living organisms including plants, animals, and bacteria and of the physical and chemical environment they live in. Altogether they form an ecological community that is considered as a unit in ecosystem science, where scientists study inter-relationships among the living Read more...

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