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Vitalibis' Core Values

Vitalibis' Core Values

When creating Vitalibis, my brother and I wanted to build something amazing.  Something authentically us.  Something that reflected how we were raised and a brand where all of our life experiences came together.  We put pen to paper and let the energy flow - coming up with "Be Well" as a core foundation for Vitalibis.

Vitalibis is all about personal and environmental wellness.  It's about treating people well.  It's about treating the planet well.  It's about treating ourselves well.

In our creativity and with them help of a trusted team member, Meg Sette, we fine tuned our Company Values into the list below.  These are who we are and what we stand for.  Everyone that we meet who is interested in working as a member of Vitalibis' internal team needs to read these and believe in them - embody them.

We sincerely hope these values resonnate with you, our Customers, our Ambassadors, our Advocates and our Investors.  Everyday we are making a positive difference.  Enjoy and be well.


  • Be kind. Treat all people fairly and with respect; and recognize that they have a life outside of work.
  • Be a team player. This is a “we” company not an “I” company, and it takes a team to get it done.
  • Be curious. Endeavor to keep learning.
  • Be helpful. Mentor others; your experiences and skills are valuable and insightful.
  • Be mindful. Apply the 39/1 Rule; work 39 hours per week and take 1 hour to reflect and improve next week.
  • Be unique. Never compromise who you are; we hired you for that reason, so own it.
  • Be conscious. Respect the environment; we are all crew on spaceship Earth.
  • Be impactful. Volunteer to help others less fortunate than yourself; it makes a difference for you and them.
  • Be giving. Give back; financially, spiritually and emotionally.
  • Be grateful. Have fun; celebrate the large and small victories; but do it with class and respect.
  • Be comfortable. Mandatory FFF = Flip-flop Fridays! Always and forever.
  • Be well. Respect your health; eat well, exercise, use safe products and meditate every day.
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