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Vitalibis' Commitment to Environmental Protection and Resilient Ecosystems

Vitalibis' Commitment to Environmental Protection and Resilient Ecosystems

Ecosystems are the building blocks of our environment. They are made of all living organisms including plants, animals, and bacteria and of the physical and chemical environment they live in. Altogether they form an ecological community that is considered as a unit in ecosystem science, where scientists study inter-relationships among the living organisms, physical features, bio-chemical processes, natural phenomena, and human activities.

At Vitalibis, we are well aware of these inter-connections that support life on Earth from the key role of trees in producing oxygen or filtering water, to bees and other pollinators supporting food production, or sharks maintaining healthy ocean communities by regulating fish populations. Vitalibis was created with the desire to create a positive social and environmental impact. Our Vitalibis Healthy Planet initiative™ supports nonprofits that are making a difference through education, action, and legislation.

Planet Bee Foundation - is dedicated on creating a new green-minded generation through the teaching lens of the struggling honey bee and other pollinators. Beyond the role played by insects as pollinators, they also support other wildlife by being one of the main food sources of birds and other species. Bees, flies, beetles and wasps all play invaluable roles in our environment as pollinators of our orchards and fruit fields but also as predators, and decomposers. The use of multiple pesticides and insecticides is often mentioned as a driving factor in the alarming decline in insect populations through widespread contamination of landscapes and a toxic “cocktail effect”. A certain class of insecticides – neonicotinoids – has been shown to cause considerable harm to honey bees and wild bees, making the work of the Planet Bee Foundation more important than ever in the safeguard of these key actors of pollination.

Trees and forests are another focus of our Vitalibis Healthy Planet initiative™. Forests are under multiple threats from rogue deforestation and agricultural clearings to devastating wildfires. In 2017, we lost more than one football pitch of forest every second, according to a global satellite survey. Trees and forests provide many services including stormwater runoff reduction in urban areas, air and water filtration, carbon sequestration, energy conservation, and provide habitats for numerous insects and wildlife. In total, these services have been valued at more than $500 million a year in megacities. One Tree Planted is one of our alliance nonprofits dedicated to global reforestation. Their action is key in forest recovery, watershed rehabilitation and habitat preservation. We are proud to be one of their partners.

The last environmental nonprofit of our Vitalibis Healthy Planet initiative™ is Shark Allies. As top predators, sharks play a key role in the health of our oceans. As apex predators they regulate other populations of marine wildlife, but they are themselves ill-equipped to withstand predation and are highly vulnerable to human exploitation. The appetite for shark fins around the world, especially in Asia, has put increasing pressure on shark populations, driving their decline and is now threatening 60 percent of shark species. Beyond the ecological crisis it generates, shark finning is also one of the most inhumane form of animal exploitation. Shark Allies has worked with legislators to ban the trade and possession of shark fins in the US, starting with the State of Hawaii in 2010, and in other Pacific Nations.       

We are proud to support the efforts of our partner nonprofits in the preservation of our environment and to share their dedication to a healthy planet. We encourage you to donate directly via their website, share their missions through your social media, and get involved by volunteering and inspiring change.

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