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Vitalibis in the News

Vitalibis in the News

weedmaps: CBD for Insomnia

"Dr. Steven Zodkoy is a medical advisor to Vitalibis, a premium CBD producer, and is in private practice at Monmouth Advanced Medicine in Freehold, New Jersey. Zodkoy regularly recommends CBD to his patients to help support sleep."

“CBD is unique as a sleep aid because it works on three different levels,” Zodkoy explained. “It relieves anxiety which delays the onset of sleep, it relieves pain which interrupts sleep, and it promotes a sense of well being which allows for a deeper sleep.”

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Green Entrepreneur: CBD Guide: 12 Important Facts You Should Know Right Now

"The extraction method directly impacts the quality of the oil you purchase. Steve Raack, an industry expert and CEO of Vitalibis, explains why. “Hemp is a natural, yet delicate, plant full of amazing elements,” said Raack. “When creating a premium, full spectrum oil, it’s essential to extract CBD, and other plant compounds, without causing damage during the process. If the cannabinoids or terpenes are destroyed or damaged, then the product will have less efficacy or will require added flavors to mask the taste.”

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Forbes: Not Just Smoke And Mirrors: 9 Women Shaping The $16.9B Cannabis Industry

"Shannon Lee, daughter of the iconic martial artist, philosopher and actor, Bruce Lee, is the CEO of the Bruce Lee Family Company and chairperson of Bruce Lee Beverages. Before fancy supplements and bio-hacking were even a thing, Bruce Lee was experimenting with food, nutrition and herbal remedies to optimize his intense workout routines and maximize his physical performance. With the legalization of CBD in markets across the U.S., Lee is continuing her father’s legacy by collaborating on a unique CBD oil that is rooted in her father’s famous dedication to purity and human performance.

In January, Bruce Lee Beverages signed an agreement with Vitalibis, a wellness brand that makes full-spectrum CBD products. Together, Vitalibis and Bruce Lee Beverages will launch a proprietary CBD oil with natural herbs and ingredients inspired by Bruce Lee’s personal nutrition and wellness practice."

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Thrive Global: 7 Ways To Combat Stress And Anxiety

"While buying CBD oil, look for brands like Vitalibis, as these brands put special care in extracting organic hemp oil using the best extraction process available."

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readwrite: Top 5 Industries Providing Massive Returns Over the Next 5 Years

"Vitalibis, a wellness company is offering full-spectrum CBD oil and soothing creams.

This company has differentiated themselves by pioneering an advanced extraction process that safely extracts the CBD benefits with steam. They have worked tirelessly preserving the CBD compounds, additional cannabinoids and essential phytonutrients. The result is a full-spectrum CBD oil, which research suggests provides greater effectiveness than isolated CBD."

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CBD School: CBD Uses and Benefits

"It’s important to get all the information about the way it’s grown, which strains are being used, whether its grown using organic farming or not, how the process is being done, etc.

VITALIBIS for instance, is one example of a company that provides such details and information to their customers."

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Vitalibis Appoints Baseball Legend Dusty Baker to its Advisory Board and as its New Brand Ambassador for the Professional and Collegiate Sports Industry

Dusty Baker said: “I am honored to have been asked by Steve and Tom Raack to join the Advisory Board at Vitalibis and excited to champion their wellness products as a Founding Ambassador. Since I ended my 19-year MLB playing career, I have dealt with numerous playing injuries, cancer, a stroke and all the other hurdles of getting older. After trying their products for over a year, I am convinced that there is something very special at Vitalibis. In fact, I have never sponsored a wellness product in my career or life until today. I am very thankful for not only the Vitalibis products but the team behind the products too,” concluded Baker.

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Vitalibis and Bruce Lee Beverage Sign Alliance Agreement For Bruce Lee Branded, Vitalibis Signature 900+ Full Spectrum Hemp Oil With Naturally Occurring CBD

Shannon Lee, Chairperson of Bruce Lee Beverage and Daughter of Bruce Lee, commented, "I believe in the wellness opportunities of hemp products and in Vitalibis we have found a quality partner that shares our standards and beliefs. My father was an elite athlete who used many modalities to promote wellness and recovery. I believe wholeheartedly in this health alliance with Vitalibis and I believe he would too."

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Direct Selling News: Direct Selling vs. The Gig Economy

"Gig Trends to Watch: Some companies are launching their own spin on the side hustle, like Vitalibis, a cannabis-based health and wellness company, and Teami Blends, a health and wellness loyalty company–trend makers in their own right–who recently launched companies with a twist on the traditional platform by combining e-commerce, social selling and affiliate marketing. For these companies, referrals, not recruits, are the goal."

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The Ladders: 9 Things Hyper Successful People Never Waste Their Energy Doing

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Steve Raack – Explains The Differences In Cannabidiol (CBD) Products

"We founded Vitalibis to provide the highest quality CBD products we could formulate. No brokers, no wholesale agents – we built our supply chain by working directly with the farmers, extractors, testing labs and contract manufacturers.  Full trace-ability and transparency."

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