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Education is critical to building trust and community. The Hemp / CBD world is still maturing - at Vitalibis we are focused on accurate information, not hype.


Hemp Oil and CBD have been in the news a lot lately, however they aren't new. People have been using hemp and cannabinoids for thousands of years for a variety of purposes: ropes, sails, paper, protein, wellness, soil remediation, etc. To help learn more about this plant's history, we created a video with more information. Did you know people used to pay their bills and taxes with hemp in the 1600's? And to help provide you with more information about our full spectrum oil quality, safety and efficacy, we produced another short video. It's important to know that the quality of the hemp plant being used and the extraction processes are critical for creating a premium, safe full spectrum oil. Learn more why Vitalibis is the best.


Full spectrum, phytocannabinoid rich (PCR) hemp oil contains all the beneficial elements of the plant, including cannabinoids, terpenes, chlorophyll, flavanoids, fatty acids, etc. Of the 80+ cannabinoids, the most abundant cannabinoid found in hemp is the non-psychoactive element known as cannabidiol or CBD. Unlike another well-known cannabinoid, tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, CBD will not get you high.

Full spectrum oils usually contain trace amounts of THC. Also, they tend to contain other cannabinoids and terpenes found in the plant. Terpenes are compounds which are potentially therapeutic even in trace amounts and are responsible for the flavor and scent of various hemp strains.

Due to its full range of elements, including cannabinoids and terpenes, full spectrum oils are known to have an "entourage effect" - a wide ranging, synergistic effect that is potentially more therapeutic than CBD isolate.

CBD isolate is a pure, crystalline powder that contains only CBD. All the plant matter contained in the hemp plant, including oils, waxes, chlorophyll, and more are removed during the extraction process, offering a finished product that's CBD and nothing more. CBD Isolate products are typically clear / odorless and can be infused with terpene mixes and flavoring.

Vitalibis believes in a purest approach to product development. We desire the least amount of processing, the least amount of ingredients, and the highest quality products possible.


The Endocannabinoid System (ECS) is a network of receptors (called CB1 and CBD2) spread throughout the body – in the brain along with the central and peripheral nervous systems. This network of receptors controls many vital life functions, including the immune system, anxiety, memory, appetite, sleep patterns, mood, stress, inflammation and pain sensation.

This critical system wasn't discovered until the 1990's. Anandamide was the first, naturally occurring endogenous cannabinoid, or endocannabinoid. It was found by Raphael Mechoulam as well as NIMH researchers William Devane and Dr. Lumir Hanus.

The body’s ECS promotes biological balance in every cell, tissue and organ supporting brain, immune, nervous and overall health and wellness. Experts believe that its overall function is to regulate homeostasis, or balance.

Endocannabinoid deficiency can be present as a result of poor diet, lack of exercise, drug abuse, environmental toxins, genetic factors, chronic stress and compromised health. A deficiency within the ECS can manifest itself into different issues: anxiety, sleep issues, pain sensation, etc. And when deficient, the ECS can be supported by full spectrum, phytocannabinoids from the hemp plant.

For a brief Endocannabinoid System overview, please enjoy the video below.


After people become comfortable with a couple things about CBD: 1) it won't get them high and 2) a little bit about how the Endocannabinoid System works, the next question is typically, "How much do I take?"

Micro-dosing follows the concept of "start low and go slow." There is no universal micro-dose amount of CBD recommended because every person has a unique Endocannabinoid System. Discovering your personal ideal CBD micro-dose requires some self-experimentation.

We use an analogy to help illustrate this point further: some people consume 4 double-espressos to get through each day, whereas others may sip on a watered down iced coffee.

Each person is different in their habits, health, wellness, genetics, etc. When consuming full spectrum hemp oils some may respond positively to 5mg of CBD three times per day, while others benefit from 50mg of CBD twice a day. The key is finding the dose which works best for you.

Start with a low dosage, stay consistent over several days and increase your dosage slowly until you've achieved your desired results.


The CBD industry is still quite immature. Many new brands are launching every day to try and get a piece of this rapidly growing market, which some project to be $22B in 2020. What that means is be careful and ask questions because misinformation and low quality product are abundant.

Many brands are purchasing oil from brokers and via private label arrangements. Many brands can not qualify for US based credit card processing, so they are going to overseas providers. These brands are typically focused only on making money. They have not visited the farms, extractors or fillers. They merely design a label and carton, then pay a contract manufacturer to ship them some product. Some make illegal structure function claims (anxiety, pain, sleep, nausea, inflammation) or organic claims without including certified organic logos, to get consumers attention.

Be cautious and aware that this situation exists.

We source two strains of premium industrial hemp so that we can achieve a robust cannabinoid and terpene profile. Our strains are grown using organic farming practices and our oil is extracted using a patent-pending process (no solvent or CO2 extraction - way cleaner and better). We also purchase between 5,000 and 10,000 units of oil because we use reputable cGMP contract manufacturers to fill our bottles. This is 100% why our oil tastes and works better than others. No additives, not extra processing...just premium, safe, high-quality oil for you and your family members to enjoy.

Option #1

Intravenous (IV)

IV administration is the most bioavailable method; meaning injecting a safe form of cannabinoids (CBD+), terpenes, etc. directly into the bloodstream through the veins. While this method, by definition, delivers 100% availability into the body, it probably isn’t the most popular, practical or cost-effective option.

Do not attempt IV administration without the proper training, materials, experience and oversight. Seek qualified medical professionals only for this method – ask questions and conduct due diligence prior to IV administration.

Option #2

Inhalation: Smoking or Vaping

Smoking or Vaping utilizes the lungs to absorb cannabinoids (CBD+), terpenes, etc. By directly entering the lungs, the cannabinoids (CBD+), terpenes, etc. can quickly and directly enter the bloodstream, with decreased breakdown rates and higher bioavailability.

Although vaping delivers high bioavailability, at Vitalibis we caution using this method as many vaping devices can leak heavy metals, thus being harmful to your health. Just Google: vape devices heavy metals and read the articles. Due to this, we do not offer a vape option until a safe vape device can be tested and certified.

Option #3

Rectal via a Suppository

The rectal route of administration is generally not discussed often; however, in the spirit of education, it is an option to present. This method is favored in situations where the oral route is not possible, such as in scenarios where patients have trouble swallowing or suffer from nausea and vomiting (potentially a side effect of their health circumstances).

A suppository is typically composed of a mixture which melts at body temperature, after which releases the ingredients. These ingredients are then absorbed through the wall of the rectum into the bloodstream.

Option #4

Orally: Sublingual or via Digestion

Sublingual administration allows the oil to get absorbed into the bloodstream via the sublingual gland (vein) which is located under the tongue. Because sublingual consumption is more direct, it impacts the body quicker than oral consumption and maintains higher availability, only being potentially degraded from enzymes in the mouth’s saliva.

Oral consumption is offered through a variety of forms, including, water soluble liquids, soft gels, edibles and beverages. While oral consumption methods do offer certain benefits, any substance consumed will have to pass through the metabolic and digestive systems, which will filter out a large portion of the cannabinoids (CBD+), terpenes, etc., thus, drastically reducing its bioavailability. First pass metabolism is the main reason for the low oral bioavailability. First pass metabolism is caused by the actions of enzymes of the gastrointestinal lumen, gut wall enzymes, bacterial enzymes and hepatic enzymes-before CBD+ reaches the circulatory system. (2009 study -> https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2689518/)

FYI – although popular, gummies are known to deliver the lowest absorption of all forms of consumption (sorry to break that news to you).

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