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CBD for athletes


Athletes require special products to meet there needs. We understand that. Every athlete should be using our Signature AB900 CBD+ oil.



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The Vitalibis CBD oils are full spectrum, terpene rich and formulated for improved wellness. We use organically grown, sustainable hemp strains to produce the best tasting, safest and most effective oil available today.


"The Vitalibis Signature AB900 CBD oil has made a significant difference in my quality of life, helping me overcome aches and pains from my days in the NFL. I've tried many products and other CBD oils, but nothing comes close to this product. Life changing!"
- Eric Wright

CBD and NFL players
CBD Hemp

Hemp Matters

We source two strains of organically grown, sustainable hemp from Colorado for the best taste and efficacy.
CBD Extraction

Extraction Matters

We use a patent-pending extraction method not industrial solvents or CO2 – way better for great flavor and efficacy.
CBD Independent Third Party Lab Testing

Testing Matters

We test our products in multiple stages with third party, independent labs to ensure safety.

Signature AB900 CBD+

Bruce Lee worked on himself everyday – physically, mentally and energetically. He is considered one of the most iconic athletes of all time - this product contains a proprietary blend of Chinese Herbs which are authentic to his wellness and recovery practices.



Dr. Mao Shing Ni Chinese Herbs
  1. Generational History

    Dr. Mao belongs to the 38th generations of Chinese medicine doctors in the Ni family, with a legacy dating back 1300 years. His life’s work has been centered around preserving and sharing his family’s expertise in the healing arts with the modern world. The adaptogenic herbal formulations that he created for ACTUAL BEING™ are based on proprietary herbal formulas passed down in his family through many generations and which both modern research and experienced Chinese medicine practitioners have confirmed to be effective.
  2. Family Farms

    These herbs are raised on multi-generational family farms that practice sustainable growing and harvesting. The farms are far from industrialized cities — some sitting 9,000 ft. above sea level — providing our herbs with an ideal climate in which to naturally thrive. These herbs are wild grown and harvested at their ideal age, thus maximizing their adaptogenic properties.
  3. Formulation

    Advanced extraction techniques are used to process the raw herbs into clean and potent liquids and powders with high efficacy and concentration. Extensive quality assurance tests are conducted on the soil, water, seed and nutrients to ensure that these products are free from heavy metals, contaminants and pesticides – consistently producing the highest quality and purity.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Full Spectrum CBD+ Oil

Organically grown, whole plant industrial hemp extracted cleanly without harsh solvents or chemicals (and no CO2). Full of cannabinoids (CBD), terpenes and other beneficial elements of the plant. Fast acting, highly bioavailable and effective, providing a beneficial "entourage effect" for wellness.
Chinese Herb Benefits with CBD

Proprietary Herbal Blend

Three powerhouse herbs are included for improved recovery - Frankincense + Myrrh + Corydalis. This combination of herbs, at these dosage levels, are known to assist with blood flow, aid discomfort and help reduce swelling which results from inflammation.
Organic CBD with MCT

MCT from Coconut Oil

MCT oil is a supplement made from a type of fat called medium-chain triglycerides, and it's excellent as a carrier oil. MCT molecules are smaller than those in most of the fats you eat. This makes them easier to digest and absorb into your bloodstream, which then turns it into energy you can use.

“Since I ended my 19-year MLB playing career, I have dealt with numerous playing injuries, cancer, a stroke and all the other hurdles of getting older. After trying their products for over a year, I am convinced that there is something very special at Vitalibis. I am very thankful for not only the Vitalibis products but the team behind the products too.”

MLB Legend

“I suffered significant injuries and concussions growing up playing contact sports. I'm in constant need for relief and balance. The Vitalibis Signature AB900 oil has allowed me to deal with my injuries and function better at work and with my family.” – TIM B.

“I've completed 5 ultra marathons, so I know what pain and discomfort is. I started using this product as part of may daily training routine and could not be happier. Three quarters of my training group is now using this product. It works great.” – NICHOLAS S.

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CBD for recovery

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