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Behaviors, norms and values are essential to creating trust and community. We believe iconic brands do way more than just provide great products.

Our belief is that people today want to connect with brands they trust and align with their values. We know you have many options to choose from, however we will do our best to earn your business and partnership using our FACS framework - Fun, Aspirational, Clean, Smart.

Additionally, we believe that those who work for Vitalibis follow our Company Guiding Principles, highlighted below.


We all work hard and work through the challenges of life everyday. We get it. So, one of our foundational elements at Vitalibis is to have fun. From an office culture of "Mandatory Flip Flop Fridays" to providing bucket-list level experiences to our most loyal Ambassadors. Earth has some amazing adventures - let's enjoy them together.If you have any specific bucket-list items you'd love to enjoy, drop us a note. We really want to hear from you so we can make them a reality.


It's exciting to set goals and achieve things we desire. At Vitalibis, we want you to want more for yourself. We endeavor to create brand experiences that attract and deliver value, from our brand promise to our great products to our fun experiences to our passionate Ambassadors.


A major focus of ours is to provide you with safe, efficacious products. We have high standards and will work hard to ensure our products do not include harsh chemicals. At our core, we are a lifestyle brand promoting health and wellness. It just so happens that we believe the cannabis plant has amazing properties, and as a result, we are excited to share our Vitalibis products with you, your friends and your families.


Education is important - we've uncovered a lot over the past several years and want to help others along their learning journey. Our desire is to share with our friends, family and community the knowledge and insight we discover - from research to clinical studies to personal experiences.

Company Guiding Principles

  • Treat all people fairly and with respect; and recognize that they have a life outside of work.
  • Don’t wear out the carpet from your car to your desk; get to know people, this is a “we” company, not an “I” company.
  • Unless your title is needed for a decision, shelve it; roll up your sleeves and do what needs to get done in every moment.
  • Endeavor to keep learning while also mentoring others; your experiences and skills are valuable and insightful.
  • Apply the 39/1 Rule; work 39 hours per week and take 1 hour to reflect and improve next week.
  • Never compromise who you are; you are unique and we hired you for that reason, so own it.
  • Respect the environment; we are all crew on spaceship Earth.
  • Respect your health; eat well, exercise, use safe products and meditate 15 minutes each day.
  • Volunteer to help others less fortunate than yourself; it makes a difference for you and them.
  • Give back; financially, spiritually and emotionally.
  • Have fun; celebrate the large and small victories; but do it with class and respect.
  • Mandatory FFF = Flip-flop Fridays! Always and forever.

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