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CBD B-Corporation


Behaviors and values are essential to creating authentic trust and community. We believe iconic brands must do more than just provide great products.

Vitalibis is founded on a simple phrase: Be well. Do good.™

Our products are formulated for improved wellness, our social mission is focused on personal and environmental wellness and our corporate culture encourages authenticity and responsibility.


A Letter From Our CEO and Co-Founder

If you’re like me, I had no idea we all had an Endocannabinoid System (ECS) inside our bodies. Many years ago I learned of this critically important system, so I began to research it more. I quickly learned that the ECS system was essential to achieving balance – or homeostasis.

I immediately thought about our oldest daughter, Julia. She was born with a rare syndrome called Rubinstein-Taybi Syndrome. Julia struggled with everyday things – her body was rarely in balance. At the time, she was 12 years old and was taking 5 pharmaceutical drugs daily. Ugh!

My wife and I studied the ECS system and attended special needs conferences for about 2 years before trying a full spectrum phytocannabinoid rich hemp oil with Julia. Her body reacted positively – her life and our lives were forever changed. She’s been taking full spectrum hemp oil with naturally occurring CBD two to three times a day ever since. And now, she’s only taking 1 pharmaceutical drug.

But the introduction of the oil to Julia’s daily routine was not without worry. See, I have a very strong background in developing high-end nutritional and personal care products with industry leading, global brands. I know what Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) are and what product quality and consistency requires.

Each month Julia’s oil showed up “different.” The taste would change dramatically. Sometimes the oil had floating particles inside. And every other month the bottle would show up with a masking tape label. Growing frustrated, I dug deeper into the hemp oil industry. The oil was working great, but I had little trust in the quality.

I immediately found that the industry was incredibly fragmented and product supply was inconsistent at best. Also, I found that many oil extractors use very harsh chemicals to process their oils, and few test for heavy metals and residue pesticides. That was not acceptable to me.

This caused us to launch Vitalibis – to raise the bar on all levels of quality, transparency and safety.

Vitalibis brings world-class supply chain operators into a maturing industry. We utilize organically grown, responsibly sourced hemp from Colorado, USA. We’ve partnered with the best leaders in quantum neurology and holistic health to create products you'll love. We have strict guidelines, work with only credible manufacturing partners and all of our products are validated through independent, third party lab testing. We utilize a patent-pending extraction process which uses precise bursts of heat versus harmful solvents or CO2, and cold processing techniques to retain more of our ingredient benefits. We will never cut corners on quality or safety – never.

In addition to selling great products, we wanted to build a brand that matters – one that positively impacts people and the planet. This inspired our social mission: Better people, better planet™.  We support several amazing nonprofits who are all focused on improving resilient ecosystems.

We are creating something very special and we’d be honored to have you be part of the Vitalibis team – as a Customer, Ambassador, Advocate and/or Investor.

Take care and be well.

CBD Leadership

Our belief is that people today want to connect with brands they trust and align with their values. We know you have many options to choose from, however we will do our best to earn your business and partnership using our FACS framework - Fun, Aspirational, Clean, Smart.

Additionally, we believe that those who work for Vitalibis must believe in our mission, vision and goals. We've included our Company Guiding Principles below to further highlight who we are and why we are doing what we do.


We all work hard and work through the challenges of life everyday. We get it. So, one of our foundational elements at Vitalibis is to have fun. From an office culture of "Mandatory Flip Flop Fridays" to providing bucket-list level experiences to our most loyal Ambassadors. Earth has some amazing adventures - let's enjoy them together.If you have any specific bucket-list items you'd love to enjoy, drop us a note. We really want to hear from you so we can make them a reality.


It's exciting to set goals and achieve things we desire. At Vitalibis, we want you to want more for yourself. We endeavor to create brand experiences that attract and deliver value, from our brand promise to our great products to our fun experiences to our passionate Ambassadors.


A major focus of ours is to provide you with safe, efficacious products. We have high standards and will work hard to ensure our products do not include harsh chemicals. At our core, we are a lifestyle brand promoting health and wellness. It just so happens that we believe the cannabis plant has amazing properties, and as a result, we are excited to share our Vitalibis products with you, your friends and your families.


Education is important - we've uncovered a lot over the past several years and want to help others along their learning journey. Our desire is to share with our friends, family and community the knowledge and insight we discover - from research to clinical studies to personal experiences.

Company Values

What does it mean to be part of Team Vitalibis? Whether you’re a Customer, Ambassador, Advocate and/or Investor we encourage you to live life by our Company Values.

  • Be kind. Treat all people fairly and with respect; and recognize that they have a life outside of work.
  • Be a team player. This is a “we” company not an “I” company, and it takes a team to get it done.
  • Be curious. Endeavor to keep learning.
  • Be helpful. Mentor others; your experiences and skills are valuable and insightful.
  • Be mindful. Apply the 39/1 Rule; work 39 hours per week and take 1 hour to reflect and improve next week.
  • Be unique. Never compromise who you are; we hired you for that reason, so own it.
  • Be conscious. Respect the environment; we are all crew on spaceship Earth.
  • Be impactful. Volunteer to help others less fortunate than yourself; it makes a difference for you and them.
  • Be giving. Give back; financially, spiritually and emotionally.
  • Be grateful. Have fun; celebrate the large and small victories; but do it with class and respect.
  • Be comfortable. Mandatory FFF = Flip-flop Fridays! Always and forever.
  • Be well. Respect your health; eat well, exercise, use safe products and meditate every day.

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