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Natural Recovery Greens

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Natural Recovery Greens - 15 Single Serving Packets per Bag
Retail Price: $69
Ambassador Price: $55.20 (20% Savings off Retail Price)

Developed by a team of nutritionists, scientists and anti-aging doctors, Natural Recovery Greens is a green juice drink that brings together nutrient dense superfoods, muscle-repairing branch chain amino acids and digestion-aiding probiotics in one easy-to-take drink.

We selected each ingredient based on scientific research to ensure Natural Recovery Greens fulfilled our promise of delivering the best / most efficacious green drink on the market. The very first green juice drink with cannabidiol (CBD) to relax and prepare your body to get the maximum nutritional benefit in each packet of Natural Recovery Greens.

Mix 1 full packet with 12-oz of cold water - then enjoy!

Go to naturalrecoverygreens.com for more information.

Keep out of reach of children and intended for usage by people 18 years of age or older. Consult with a certified healthcare professional if pregnant, undergoing medical treatments or breastfeeding.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product Is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Fruit and Vegetable Blend
Spirulina Powder, Spinach Powder, Kale Powder, Freeze Dried Raspberry Powder, Pea Powder, Freeze Dried Apple Powder, Elderberry Powder, Freeze Dried Strawberry Powder, Broccoli Powder, Red Beet Powder, Monk Fruit Extract

Recovery Blend
Glutamine, Ginger Powder, Glycine, Reishi Mushroom, Leucine, Water Soluble Curcumin, Black Pepper Extract, Rhodiola Rosea Extract, Isoleucine, Valine

Digestion Blend
Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Bifidobacterium Probiotic, Enzyme Complex

CBD - Cannabidiol
OLEO Micro-Encapsulated CBD

Other Ingredients
Erythritol, Stevia Glycosides, Citric Acid, Acacia (Gum Arabic), Tapioca Maltodextrin, Natural Flavorings, Fractionated Coconut Oil