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Our brand promise is to provide you with high-quality, safe products at affordable prices.  After decades of experience in the consumer products industry, we have incredible partners - all hand picked based on experience, relationships and a desire to help others.  We promise to deliver great products that you, your friends and your family can confidently enjoy on a daily basis.  Products which are screened for safety and independently tested by trusted third-party labs.



Unfortunately, not all hemp-derived oils are the same. Some oils are from highly processed isolates which may contain unhealthy levels of pesticides or heavy metals.  Some oils may contain hexane or butane as by-products from the extraction process or heavy metals because of how the hemp is grown.  Many oils on the market today are from Asia or Europe and of very poor quality.

As we educated ourselves in this area, we realized we needed to look harder and ask many, many more questions.

After over a year of intense searching, we found a full spectrum, premium phyto-cannabinoid rich (PCR) hemp oil with less than .3% THC content.  The oils are extracted from responsible US agricultural hemp from Colorado using a patented process.  We feel you will absolutely enjoy the oils and feel confident in knowing they are of the highest quality.



Your skin is your largest organ, yet many people use skin care and body care products daily which are filled with harmful ingredients.  This consumer education led to a movement to purchase organic, green, and natural branded product.  Unfortunately, organic, green and natural branded products are not always safe either.

At Vitalibis, we will screen every ingredient to ensure it's not harmful to your health.  We use the EWGs Skin Deep Cosmetics Database and other scientific research findings to help guide us on what to put in our products.  All of our products are made using cold-processed technology, to minimize heat and harmful ingredients.



Vitalibis is a health, wellness and lifestyle brand.  It's essential to us that we only provide products which are highly efficacious and beneficial.

Our nutritional products will be organic certified and formulated specifically for optimal results.  We have partnered with the best doctors in quantum neurology and holistic health to create products you'll love.



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