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Core to our beliefs are safety, transparency and effectiveness. Our products are all validated by independent third-party testing labs.

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Product Overview

Our brand promise is to provide you with high-quality, safe products at affordable prices. We have strict guidelines, work with only credible manufacturing partners and all of our products are validated through independent, third party lab testing.

Full Spectrum, Phyto-cannabinoid Rich Hemp Oil

Our oil is second to none. We source premium, organically grown industrial hemp from Colorado. We utilize a patent-pending extraction process which uses precise bursts of heat versus harmful solvents or CO2. And we rigorously test each batch for potency and safety.

Personal Care

Your skin is your largest organ, so what you put on your skin matters. Our robust screening process eliminates over 1,400 ingredients before we even start formulating. And we utilize cold processing techniques to retain more of our ingredient benefits.


Our nutritional products are certified organic and formulated specifically for optimal results. We’ve partnered with the best leaders in quantum neurology and holistic health to create products you'll love.

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