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Shop online. Share online. Sell online.
Enjoy 20% savings on personal purchases.
Earn 20-30% commissions by referring others.



Approximately 45% of people have a side hustle. And nearly 70 percent of them are doing so for financial reasons. The trend is to have between 2 to 5 side hustles you enjoy. Vitalibis is a perfect fit.

Side Hustle


Peer-to-Peer Community Commerce

Affiliate marketing programs are limited.
Traditional MLM models are complex and shrouded with stigma.

Vitalibis integrates the best pieces of affiliate marketing with the best pieces of traditional MLM. We've removed the yuck - no titles, no inventory / purchasing requirements, no team structure requirements, no continuous pressure for recruiting, etc. You do what you want, when you want and how you want. Our comp plan pays as much as traditional MLM companies -- just without all the pressures.

Bloggers / Vloggers

Share with your followers and earn 20-30% commissions on all product sales. The Vitalibis program does not require quotas or minimums.
Share + Earn!

Social Sellers

Traditional direct selling is decreasing in the US. People are done with the complexities, hidden rules and stigma. Offer Vitalibis products directly or as an add-on to your existing social selling business.

Influencers / Affiliates

Influence comes by authentically representing more than one brand without coming across as selling. The Vitalibis Ambassador Program pays 20-30% commissions and fits perfectly for wellness influencers.


We offer a COVID-proof business model -- work from wherever you want, whenever you want. Save 20% on all personal purchases forever! Share with your friends, family on followers in an authentic way. Others will want to learn more and with they purchase or enroll, you'll earn commissions on those product sales.

Popular Side Hustle


CBD Gummies

Retail Commissions

When you enroll, you'll get a unique URL and Customer Code. Authentically share these with friends, family and followers. Earn 20-30% commissions on all sales each month.
CBD Ambassador Program

Referral Commissions

Vitalibis has a simple, 2-Level commissions plan. Earn 5-10% commissions on those you personally refer and 5% on people they refer. No complexities such as titles, structure, business volume calculations, etc. All commissions based on the Subtotal of the product sales.
CDB Benefits

Leadership Team

For those who are interested, we have a robust 6-Level commissions plan and a revenue sharing pool. This is an invite-only program we call The Roundtable. Members of this team will assist with training and help create incentives / promotions / etc. They will have a strong voice and a seat at our corporate table.


“My journey to Vitalibis started with a personal need for myself and my husband seeking a CBD line that we could trust. Joining the Vitalibis Community has come to mean so much more. The products are fantastic, the conversations around Vitalibis are super organic and the commissions plan is refreshing. Love this authentic brand all it stands for.”

Best Sidegig
Ambassador and Roundtable Member

“I've spent around 9 years in the direct selling space. I've built team and lots teams due to the comp plan craziness. Steve gets it and I love the Vitalibis model. Highly recommend joining us!!!” – SHANNON T.

“My life consists of family, friend, finances and faith. I'm so excited to have crossed paths with Steve and Vitalibis. A perfect fit in all areas. Be well.” – RON M.

Join our Ambassador Program for $20
Email CustomerCare@vitalibis.com and mention BE WELL NOW.
We'll add $20 to your account in product credits for a future order.
CBD Sidegig

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